Socio-Political Ramblings

This site contains a collection of documents that I've written over time in response to various events in the social / political / educational world. There's no particular order or logical framework other than my interest in each topic.

I welcome any civilized comment or feedback. Contact me at . For me, the thoughtful discussion of important issues is a key foundation for citizenship. I hope these essays are a small contribution towards that goal.

Political Civility

Some thoughts about civility in political discourse.

Rights, Freedom, and Responsibilities

What is a right? Where is the intersection of rights and responsibilities? How important is the abstract concept of freedom? A lot of people are saying things that I think are in conflict with their own core beliefs. This is an important issue to get right, as it forms the basis for much of our relationship with our government. I explore the idea of freedom, take a somewhat romanticized look at Vermont values, and then reflect on rights and responsibilities.


Many political and philosophical discussions are really rooted in economics. One particular topic of interest for me is the issue of wealth (and job) creation.

Health Care

As with so many other areas, a part of the debate on health care is the tradeoff between freedom and security. I for one value maximum freedom of individual choice. This thinking is also the basis for discussions of cost and rationing. Another related essay looks at a moral dimension to the debate about how to pay for it all: Tyranny of the Majority


Sometimes politicians say things that you just have to respond to....


Politicians aren't the only ones.

I didn't write this, but it's pretty sobering look at hard data on how our educational system performs. It's a few years old, but I doubt that things have gotten any better.

International Test Scores