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An Update
For years I resisted joining Facebook, but in 2011 Mark Zuckerburg called me and said "Buzz, I want to take my company public in 2012, but right now the quality of the images we have is just abysmal.  Nobody is going to buy our stock if all we have is a bunch of cell phone snapshots... it looks totally cheesy!  Can you help?"  He seemed so desperate, I couldn't say no, and since then I've been a full-time content provider for Facebook.  You can see (and "Like"!) the results of that work on my  Buzz Kuhns Photography  page.

Unfortunately, although the improved images helped with the initial stock price,  investors quickly realized the company had some other problems, and now Mark is flat broke, so it doesn't look like he'll be able to pay me for all that content I've been providing.

As a way of generating some revenue to subsidize my ongoing effort to prop up Facebook share prices,  I have set up an account at SmugMug so you can buy prints of my photos. It's like the TARP bailout, only you actually get something for your money! You are of course still welcome to use my photos from Facebook however you like: make them your profile picture, (over 100 and counting!) share them, etc., but remember that the image files on Facebook are much lower resolution than the original, so if you try to make prints from them, the results may be a little disappointing compared with the gorgeous prints you would get from SmugMug!  And the money you spend at SmugMug will help to support a starving artist on a noble quest to save Facebook from visual mediocrity!

The address for the SmugMug site is:  

And if you haven't already seen this on Facebook, you can read a more sober contemplation about my decision to sell photos here.

"Will Shoot For Food"... Things you could theoretically hire me to photograph,
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Before joining Facebook, I used to help meet the world's pressing need for more ways to waste time on the internet by posting some of my photos on an onsite server. These images can still be viewed there. I would love to hear from you if you get fired for surfing them at work.
If you're looking for a particular subject, I have helpfully divided the archived images into the following arbitrary and inscrutable categories:
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