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My work with Cochran's Ski Area

My two boys learned to ski (and snowboard) at Cochran's, and it's hard to adequately describe the warm feelings I have for the place. It really feels like we're just going over to play in our friends' back yard, only these friends have a T-bar and a groomer (and now SNOWMAKING!)
And since it is a non-profit in the truest sense of the word, with everyone pitching in to make it run, it just seems natural to donate my pictures to the cause.  
                  You can visit Cochran's on the web here.  >

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And you can see some of my images here.  >


 Since my son has left the ski racing circuit this year, I have allowed my Shutterfly Gallery of skiing images to expire.
I would like to thank the folks who supported my fledgling business by making purchases there.
Of course, I still have an archive of many thousands of skiing photos from  2008 through 2010,
so if you need  an image of a particular skier, I may be able to find one.
Feel free to contact me at the email address on my home page.